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Northwest Youth Conservation and Fly Fishing Academy 

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The Academy is a youth education project designed to educate youth about the importance of conservation and resource stewardship and introduce them to the world of fly fishing. It is held the last full week of June each year at the Gwinwood Conference Center.

The Academy is co-educational with acceptance based upon a candidate’s written essay indicating his/her desire to attend and what he/she hopes to learn from it. 

The Academy is limited to qualified youths, ages 12 through 16. Applicants must not have reached their 17th birthday before July 1st the year of camp.


Alan Harger Fund and Award

A Man Who Loved to Fish, Because He Loved the Places Where Fish Live. 

Who was Alan Harger.  To all the members of our SSFF Club, Alan Harger was a member of the South Sound Fly Fishers from 1984 to 2009.  In 2008, the Board of Directors recognized Alan for his sustained, superior service to the SSFF and the Board for the period of 1984 to 2007.  For nearly a quarter of a century, Al served as a member of the Board in numerous capacities and has been counselor, advocate, champion, and voice of reason and experience on countless issues before the Board. His steadfast and valued guidance to the Board was essential to the success the Club enjoyed over the decades. 

Alan died May 2009, after a long illness at the age of 62.  Alan was fishing friend to many and a fishing partner to Burt & Ginger Sarver.  He was affectionately respected by all.  The Board established a sponsorship fund in Alan’s name to support the youth that attend The Northwest Youth Conservation and Fly Fishing Academy.  Alan donated all his fly fishing possessions to the Club to be sold to benefit The Academy.  On March 1, 2010, the sponsorship fund beginning balance was $5,258.00 and the idea was to contribute $500.00 to the Academy each year.  The funds were established to sponsor one or more students or just to contribute supporting funds for the Academy that year.

Mike Clancy along with Jim Brosio, are currently co-directors for The Academy. They assumed responsibility of The Academy in 2008 after Dick Nye, the founder, retired.   The Academy is supported by Trout Unlimited, Washington State Council of FFI, local fly fishing clubs, many individuals and businesses.


There are special funds in the South Sound Fly Fishers and in the Puget Sound Fly Fishers that support the academy.  There is the Alan Harger fund managed by South Sound Fly Fishers and the Bruce Ferguson Fund, managed by Puget Sound FF in Tacoma.  Both funds were established by members of these clubs that carried out the wishes of Alan Harger and Bruce F by selling their fly fishing gear and using the proceeds to create these special accounts.

In addition to providing funding support and scholarships to the Academy, SSFF also presents awards in the name of Alan Harger.

The Academy’s Alan Harger Award is presented to a student with the following criteria:

“The NW Youth Conservation and Fly Fishing Academy is pleased to present the Alan Harger award to the individual who best exemplifies the fishing partner everyone treasurers.  Their amicable nature, their respect for others, ideas, devotion to the environment and sport of fly fishing,  eagerness to develop skills, and their readiness to share their skills and knowledge with others, distinguishing him and her among their comrades at the camp and merit this recognition.” 


If you wish to donate in support of the NW Youth Conservation and Fly Fishing Academy please send a check any amount made out to “SSFF” with the notation that the donation is to be applied to the Alan Harger Fund.. Please mail your check to:

South Sound Fly Fishers, PO Box 2792, Olympia WA 98507.

South Sound Fly Fishers is a Non-profit corporation registered with the State of Washington. South Sound Fly Fishers is a tax exempt organization under Internal Revenue Code 501 (c) (3). Donations to SSFF are tax deductible to the full extent of IRS guidelines. Thank you for your donations!